Z is recording Bach. Fifteen minutes earlier he lost his music which is normal for him.When he was six years oldhis teacher could change a bowing pattern right before a performance and he’d remember just fine. Now, at 16, he can’t remember a bowing pattern even if he checks it right before he records. He knows that it’s because ofhis brain injury,他试图对自己保持耐心。但是失去音乐更加困难。阅读更多

Every morning my Google Calendar alert says “you have no events scheduled today.” This used to be my favorite part of my email, but my prayers for permanent lockdown wentunanswered, and my brother did shared screento help me book a flightand he saw I have no calendar and he lost his shit.阅读更多

How to be a team player while Gen Z saves the planet

我和我的儿子一起在东北大学法学院a day of panels about socialist initiatives. My son told me no writing blog posts in the back of the room. “Can you please just fit in today?”阅读更多

Movie reviews. Almost.

I am on a sad-movie-watching binge. It started a few weeks ago. Wait. No. It probably started when I was in third grade andthere was no grownup home until 8pm, so after school I went to the movie theater every day for a week to watchWilbur lose Charlotteand learn to fend for himself.阅读更多

Now that I am finally writing again, I’m so excited to tell you what’s been happening. And I have all these pictures I took, thinking, this will be good for the blog. But then I didn’t write anything.阅读更多

I coached this guy Tanner who invented a thing to make milk flow smoothly in tubes and now he’s a millionaire tech CEO. During his fifteen-year marriage he’s scheduled sex with his wife, on a calendar, a year in advance. He was surprised to hear other couples do not do this.阅读更多

That picture is from eight years ago. Me with my cofounders for Brazen Careerist.Here’swhat that site looks like now. Hopefully the company will exit soon because I would really like to cash in my founder’s stock.阅读更多

I am in the car with the Ex and the kids. The Ex plays a Yeastie Girls CD, which was probably mine but he wanted it in the divorce. It’s a live concert and in the middle they start giving away speculums to promote women’s health.阅读更多

We are driving to cello lessons in Madison. Maybe you realize that just last weekI wrote about about driving to cello lessons in Madison. Maybe my drives to Madison will be likeMonet’s cathedrals: I’ll just keep popping them out, each written from a different angle, and you will learn to see the nuances of our family interactions in different lights.阅读更多