Online business from hell: child trafficking in video games.

This is how trafficking happens online. Often the system is so efficient that it never has to change to in-person. Trigger warning.

In my courses about personality type, INFJs ask the most questions. ENTJs ask the fewest questions. The only type less fun than an INTJ is an ISTJ. So if an INTJ wants to look fun they need to marry an ISTJ. ENFJs were the nicest about me being late to every webinar and they were […]

Z has to practice his cello. But he just wants to talk about how he can’t practice. I’m like, “Just fucking practice, just pick up the cello and practice. You can’t do anything until you practice.” I’ve been writing about my life with my kids for twenty years, but how can I keep doing it when he […]

What if girls aren’t oppressed?

美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor说,到2026年我们将年代hort 1.2 million engineers. Right now, the majority of developers are men. So presumably it’s a crisis that women are not in STEM. Microsoft is thinking that filling the funnel with girls is the way forward. Microsoft decides the Wonder Woman movie has a female […]

I’m giddy about the great resignation

My son Z started getting crazy from the pandemic around the fall of 2021. He’d made very few friends in Boston before Covid, and the friends he did make from music lessons stopped coming to Boston from the suburbs. And he couldn’t really meet new kids, because Covid.

The history of Tango: How to reclaim a story for yourself

I call Melissa to tell her my newest discovery. I gear up to lecture her about Tango and the Jews. “Do you know about them?” I ask. “I won’t be fun if you already know.” She says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Key to accepting a difficult reality? Let go of judgments

Z is recording Bach. Fifteen minutes earlier he lost his music which is normal for him. When he was six years old his teacher could change a bowing pattern right before a performance and he’d remember just fine. Now, at 16, he can’t remember a bowing pattern even if he checks it right before he […]

How successful people deal with dead ends: sidestep and reframe

Every morning my Google Calendar alert says “you have no events scheduled today.” This used to be my favorite part of my email, but my prayers for permanent lockdown went unanswered, and my brother did shared screen to help me book a flight and he saw I have no calendar and he lost his shit.

How to find a new career

I’m carrying water from the spigot at Northeastern’s playing field across the street and through the park to the garden I planted, probably illegally. I used to think of myself as a community activist. Then I received an email from the state that they would run a lawnmower over my roses and I felt more […]

What a good career coaching session really looks like

People who are not my kids think it’s really interesting to listen to my side of a coaching phone call. In fact, lots of people say they’d pay to hear both sides, but it’s clear to me that if someone knows another person is listening to them the call gets useless fast and sounds more […]

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